SuperNano Stain Resistant

Super Nano Stain Resistant is a transparent silicone sovent based waterproofing product, suitable for long-term surface protection without affecting aesthetic appearance. It is suitable for natural and artificial stones, tile joints, non-glazed ceramic cotto tiles, decorative bricks, roof tiles, marbles and absorbent building surfaces. It has excellent penetrating capacity, does not form surface film and does not close the pores. It offers excellent protection against the devastating effects of nature and staining. It creates a protective barrier with excellent resistance to water, dirt, moisture penetration, dust, salts, acid rain, alkalis, aging, frost and high temperatures.

Excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations,
Easy to apply – Ready to use,
Direct effectiveness Internal and external use,
Excellent penetration,
Waterproof – allows breathing of surfaces,
Does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the surface applied,