Since 1975 we have been providing the best means and solutions for businesses and professionals, specializing in the production and supply of building paints.

Based in Thessaloniki, Greece we started our paints production line SUPERLUX in 1975. Since then, we are constantly investing in our facilities, equipment, modern machinery, production management and experienced personnel. Consistent production quality by forming strong partnerships with major suppliers. SUPERLUX has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 for strictly following international standards of quality and safety. We have succeeded scale economies, resulting high quality and competitive pricing by keeping qualities of high standards and introducing new product lines with innovative products.

Our objectives

  • We aim to create products of superior quality and safety. We have been certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and we produce strictly following international standards of quality and safety.
  • Since 1991 we have been active in foreign markets, especially in the Balkans, by exporting our products with a significant share of export sales.
  • Continuous upgrading and renewal of infrastructure, production equipment and corporate fleet.
  • Strengthening the distribution network throughout Greece with regular sales visits and ongoing communication with our customers.
    Provision of innovative, user-friendly and high quality self-made products.

Constant Production of quality products.

We strive to create profits for our customers and partners and to be the first choice, keeping the philosophy of Business with Ethos always intact. Choose to work with us for:

  • Continuous growth in new markets and countries.
  • Enforcing our distribution network.
  • New, innovative and quality products based on international standards.
  • Investing in new technologies, searching for new solutions.
  • Product Customization.
  • Excellent organised Exporting and Customer Service.
  • New solutions, Smart buys.
  • Stable supplying network.