Plaster Contact

Acrylic ready-to-use base coat for new and old surfaces. Based on organic binders,
performance additives, and mineral fillers. Primer FA assures that the substrate is ready
and promotes adhesion for the final coat as well as insulates the substrate reassuring a
uniform final coat without any reflectance or uneven absorption of the final coat.
● Reinforces the substrate
● Breathable surface
● Promotes adhesion to final coat
Yield: 4-5 sqm/kg.
Grain size: fine
Application Instruction: Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, dry and free
from any loose parts, dirt, grease, and salts. Fill any holes or damaged parts with proper
materials however it is needed. Apply one or two coats (depending on the situation).
Dilution: 10% with clean drinking water and mix well until homogenous. Application
Methods: Brush, Roller, Spray Application temperature: 5OC – 35OC with humidity <70%
Coats: 1-2 coats recommended