F2 Hybrid

F2 HYBRID is a new-generation hybrid elastomeric sealant with nano-modified resins and POLYPROPYLENE INSERTS. Polypropylene fibers offer an absolute seal to sealing solutions. It creates a seamless protective film and compounds that are very elastic, absolutely watertight with high resistance to puddles, without polyurethanes, solvents and other hazardous and toxic substances.
It has excellent adhesion to any surface, such as concrete, cement mortars, grit bentonite, wood, metal and any kind of sealant.
It follows the contraction of the surface and bridges small cracks and joints
Excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions. The surface does not “stick” to walking after application even at high temperatures, resulting in no accumulation of dirt.
Ready to use. It is applied in 2 rolls on a clean substrate.
Diluted with water up to 5-10% for a primer coat or special DESMO – SEAL cloud primer