Velatura is an acrylic neutral transparent satin glaze coating for outdoor and indoor application, purposely studied to create marvellous decorative effects.

Depending on the tools chosen in advance (brush, sea-sponge, pad glove etc.), it is possible to suggest numberless aesthetical solutions, which recall ancient decorations and, are able to give at the same time considerable transpiration and weatherability to the support.

In order to reach the optimal result is recommended to clean accurately the surface. Any pre-existing paint which is not well-anchored to the support surface must be completely removed and apply one coat of our acrylic sealing primer  “Decorprime”.  It is therefore possible to proceed with one or more application of our Decorfondo.

This product  is supplied either white or be can easily tinted with our universal and inexpensive colorants Totocolor and/or Stabilcolor, in order to contrasts the colour of the velature.

After approx. 8 hours you can overcoat with the antiqued glaze “Velatura” previously colored with our universal  colorants; Totocolor and/or Stabilcolor or with our Tinting machine system COLORDREAM. For an elegant and very visual result, we suggest to apply Velatura in tint that contrast with the primer color.

The final effect of the glaze depends on the tools chosen and on the painter’s skill and imagination.